“Working with an Architect should be a positive and fun experience – at least I believe that should be the case. When I started writing Life of an Architect, it was really a creative outlet … a place where I could experiment with ideas, create the opportunity for sharing information, and introduce a level of transparency to what I do as an architect that I felt was missing in my profession.”


Sylvia Chen received her architectural training at the National University of Singapore in 2014. Upon finishing her masters, she moved to Tokyo where she practiced in Sou Fujimoto Architects and participated in numerous award winning international competitions and commissioned projects. Her architecture interests focuses on the relationship between architecture and nature, with designs challenging both metaphorical and literal translation. However, growing up in an urban city, she is interested in the convergence of the physical, spatial, social, economic and environmental facets of life and concerned with the future of the city’s built environment. Shifting her focus, she is now working as an editor at Architecture and Urbanism (a+u) to place herself in the front seat of the architecture scene. Coupled by her strong sense of humanity, and as the industry and profession continues to undergo huge impacts and transformations, she hopes through architectural journalism to advocate meaningful designs and planning that help infuse sensibility in architecture.